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Who am I?

Hi, My name is Richard. I am an aspiring Web Developer in the UK. I am currently aiming towards becoming a Fullstack Python Developer (Mainly because Python was my first language).

I have been doing some sort of programming since my 1st year in Secondary school (6th grade - middle school); and ever since playing around with Adobe DreamWeaver at school I have been fascinated by Web Development. I then took my first steps in HTML in 2018. (More on this in my blog).

I am currently taking A-Levels in Geography, Computer Science and Chemistry. I hope to Eventually get into university (College if you're in the US) to study either Chemistry or Computer Science. I hope to continue learning Web Development while in school, this means that if all goes to plan, I will be a beginner Fullstack Dev by the time I finish school.

Other than coding I read many books in my free time, as well as tend to my tortoise 'Fred'. I learn French in school and German in my free time, because languages have always intrigued me. I love watching Medical drama, and I'm just a general science nerd.

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